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What is Challenge?
Miranyce Challenge - is a system for selection and testing of traders. You can fit in our team, manage a part of the Miranyce Invest company's capital and get 50% or more from the profit earned. If you have successful experience in trading, you are ambitious, able to control your emotions and get things done – you are welcome!

How do we make selection?
Selection and testing goes on the Volfix platform. It is the most functional service for analysis of all aspects of intraday trading. On Volfix it is possible to keep track of a trader's actions, control risks and analyze other work parameters. A module of automatic following allows to duplicate trades on the company's accounts and form the successful traders core, distributing the risks of the investment pools between them.
The Miranyce Challenge participation conditions
Watch the video below – it demonstrates the capabilities of Volfix and how to work with this platform. Under the video you will see a list of parameters that one needs to meet in order to pass the test successfully.

If you agree to these terms, e-mail us at challenge@miranyce.com. In the letter tell us about your successes in trading in detail and attach the trading algorithm you currently use. It is highly desirable to demonstrate your statistics for the last 6 months of trading.

When we confirm your participation you receive a demo Volfix account and can get to work. If you filfill the assigned objectives we connect you to a real account on the same terms, but now without the need to keep the norm of the minimum number of days traded with profit.

During your work on a real account the module of automatic following are connected. We will see your successes and be able to duplicate your trades on the Myranyce accounts in time. Part of the profit we payoff to the traders from the company's accounts, so do trade successfully and you will receive a significant bonus.

About the Volfix platform
Challenge parameters
● 1-2 contracts trade without transfer through clearing.

● Drawdown limit for one trade - $200.

● Loss limit for one day - $500.

● Loss limit for all the Challenge – $1500.

● Minimum trading period with profit - 10 days or more (profit – no less than $50).

● Profit target – $2000.

● The Challenge duration - 30 calendar days.

● The cost of participation – 0.02 bitcoin.

Available trading instruments:
  • E-mini S&P 500 (ES)
  • E-mini NASDAQ 100 (NQ)
  • Crude Oil (CL)

Fulfill the assigned objectives and get the account to manage!
Payoffs to a trader reach 50-100% of the earned profit. In addition to that, you will be receiving bonuses!

You can also use the unique offer

Each participant who has been actively trading in 10 of our challenges and hasn't made it to pass will be refunded by the full price for all the challenges. There are only two requirements: the participant needs to trade actively and to keep the challenge parameters.

P.S. If you've already passed selections for other companies, but for some reason didn't team up with them - send a request and we will test our cooperation in action.
All the details could be discussed – write to us!
e-mail: challenge@miranyce.com

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